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Sept 05, 2018

How To Apply For Growth Funding at Capitis Equities.

Emceé Nell

Chief Financial Officer

Growth-funding that focuses on creating shared-value.


At some point, growth funding is needed for any company that is determined to grow aggressively and provide greater value for its clients. Therefore, finding a Venture Capital Company (VCC) or funding partner that cares about your business and understands your needs is of the utmost importance in this regard.


Growth funding is different from a grant or a loan as a source of funds. With this type of funding, you’re not left alone to your own vices – but rather, are supported beyond just a financial injection. The private sector is littered with companies that have received some form of funding, but then remained stagnant in their growth due to a lack of support.

Of course, as a business owner, this is not a position you want to find your business in, which is why it is so important to partner with the people who not only buy into your vision, but understand what you need to grow and create exponential returns.


As an entrepreneur, having access to advisors and vetted consultants to assist you is an integral part of your business journey. Capitis Equities ensures that you receive a range of expert services, such as corporate financing, taxation and legal expertise from registered Chartered Accountants and Attorneys. These allow you to tap into a depth of knowledge that is not available to most business owners. This is incredibly advantageous as it can create and open up opportunities for expansion and sustainable growth.


Having access to equity capital is essentially the lifeblood of a growing business. This is unlike a loan, which is debt. In partnering with Capitis Equities, you’re investing in your business for the long-haul, entering into a partnership with a team of skilled professionals which will hold your hand when you run into trouble, guiding you and supporting you to make positive business decisions that will benefit your business.


This is important to understand because unlike a loan from a financier or bank, you and your business are not left to walking alone after receiving the funds. We all understand that business success is not a one-person effort, and it must not be treated in that manner.


Capitis Equities is looking to invest in existing South African business, for their growth. To this end, the following companies qualify to apply for growth funding with Capitis Equities:


1. South African resident companies (cannot form part of controlled company in a group of companies).

2. Companies who have the correct tax documentation (tax clearance certificate).

3. Companies must be able to prove they have enjoyed sustainable growth over time, with a minimum Gross Profit margin of 30%.

4. Not listed on any exchange division (except Junior Mining Companies listed on AltX).

5. Total investment income of your company may not exceed 20% of total gross/revenue.

6. Total assets may not exceed R50 million after investment (for Junior Mining Companies it is R500 million)

7. Companies trading or operating in the following sectors:

  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining, and
  • Energy


8. A list of excluded trades includes:

  • Any trade in respect of immovable property.
  • Financial services activities - trade carried on by banks, insurers, micro lending or any other financing or lending trade.
  • Financial or advisory services - including legal, tax, stock broking, management services, consulting, auditing and accounting.
  • Operating casino’s or gambling related activities.
  • Any trade in liquor, tobacco, arms or ammunition.


In order to apply, please email us the following information to

  1. Company Name & Registration Details
  2. Investment Amount Required
  3. Share percentage you want us to buy in the business
  4. Total Asset Value of the business per the latest Financial Statements
    * If it is a new business, please indicate that it is a Start-up, do not put N/A.
  5. Description of the business:
  6. Description of the Management Team and their experience.
  7. Net income per year for the past 3 years, per the latest financial statements (if applicable) and projected net income per year for the next 5 years.


We will then process your application, and where Capitis Equities finds companies we are interested in partnering with, we will be in contact to set up a meeting to discuss further.


For any other queries, please feel free to send us an email at

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